Windows 7 Dark Ultimate Netbook Edition SP1 (32Bit and 64Bit)

Windows 7 Dark Ultimate Edition with SP1 that has been optimized to run on a Netbook with a cool GUI interface and far more functionality than Windows 7 Starter Edition. Slipstreamed all critical and non-critical updates and added the Intel graphics drivers that most netbooks run.

Removed Components:

-Projector Connectivity
-Speech Support
-Welcome Center
-TV Tuner
-NVIDIA & ATI Video Drivers
-Audio Drivers
-Printer & Scanners drivers
-Fax Drivers & Service
-Modem drivers
-Smart Card Drivers
-Tablet PC
-Natural Language
-Windows Help
-Media Center

Post install:

Avast + Google Chrome optionally
Adobe Flash Player 10
The KMPlayer
Office 2003
Dark Theme
Windows 7 Activator

Please read simple instructions included in the download. Windows Loader and PowerISO are also included in the download.

Download Here: RAREFILE 
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