How To Delete khatra.exe , Xplorer.exe or gHost.exe virus Without Software


1. Open Task Manager (If your task manager is blocked Click here) and click the process tab, found these process named regsvr.exe(if found there), gHost.exe, khatra.exe and Xplorer.exe, right click on all these process and select end process tree.

2. Open Start Menu –> Run, type cmd and click Ok button
3. Now Download and Install everything search tool
It is one of the fastest windows Search Engine.

4. Run Everything and type the virus exe names one by one ( khatra.exe, gHost.exe, Xplorer.exe ) and delete all the copies found on your computer anywhere.
5. Now Open start menu –> run, type regedit (If registry editing is blocked Click here)
6. Press Ctrl+F and find the registry keys with names khatra,gHost,Xplorer and delete the values you find with these names.

Tht’s it your khatra.exe virus problem is fixed.Now your computer is clean.