Kaspersky Password Manager v5.0.0.163 + Crack

Kaspersky is one of the largest and most prominent corporate makers of security software and content management, security products themselves once again as the password management software Kaspersky announced. This software is a powerful protector and easy solution for storage and password protection on the Internet. As you know on a daily Internet services and face the need to access multiple applications with a password or security information is a series. In order to achieve e-mail service, instant messenger service, online banking accounts, online shopping accounts, social networks and ... The user must provide a password for your account.

But some programs that can be stored in their password (even browsers), usually from very low to keep this password protection benefit, which can be attacked and easily lost. Kaspersky Password Manager software now by Lab Kaspersky important security problems and other issues have been raised to his fans once again will lead to a safe environment. The solution to your security password to access applications and Web sites using a proprietary database with powerful functionality with a single password to access all the information the mother, guarantees.

Kaspersky Password Manager software is able to form a new field of intelligent and automatic text and security that it had already been answered somewhere in the database is defined, and to identify them in the programs or websites Applicants other answers. This is possible only with a mouse click and in addition the user can more quickly in response to questions, very high security to protect your data uses. All operation and user instructions and the ability to use password management product that can encourage the next version of Kaspersky Kaspersky Anti-Virus/Internet Security will work well for this application is a supplement to good security.

The new version of Kaspersky Lab products Kaspersky Pure as the heart of this supplement is injected into the software and has a full security building. Kaspersky Password management software is considered a method that users can request that a master password (s password) to access the database security to import. This means that the user needs to have all your passwords to access online services, sites, applications and ... Maintain, not only with a password is lost to them all. Kaspersky comprehensive password management software password database and even the bank, of a very strong encryption algorithm that uses a high security environment for Windows provides password protection.

The software is a small display clearly indicates that the password is chosen, how much security is strong. Users can also choose a password for this interesting feature provides good security. To prevent abuse, as well as malicious keylogger, software simulation of a keyboard for entering the password the user uses a comprehensive software (passwords mother) as well as security and away from the eye keylogger can protect. Also in this software, Kaspersky has provided the ability to customize their characters to give the user a number and password to complete security and get complicated. (In this case, automatically generated password, and immediate memory is copied and used.) Other methods of obtaining the software, but the method's password, using Bluetooth or USB devices available in the mobile device is create or define a unique key to identify the user pays on these devices.

This creates a reliable security and on the other hand need to manually enter the password mother, has been fully resolved. Kaspersky Password Manager software continually communicates with other programs and application security and this makes them perfect for easy user access to the software makes. Added to the application environment through the taskbar or by pressing a button in the GUI, is available. Not bad to know that after installing this software does not protect all passwords in Explorer and other programs, automatically entered into the security software and is fully protected.

Features software, Kaspersky Password Manager:
- Protect the system password, online passwords and user software Psvd
- Ability to make a portable version (portable) applications on your flash memory by software
- Compatible with the new Explorer (still not compatible with chrome) and security protect passwords stored in them
- Create a safe environment to maintain data security using a database user with a very strong
- Access to the database by entering the software's password (master password)
- Using new methods such as USB or Bluetooth device to open, password to access the database and
- Exploiting the virtual keyboard to prevent keyloggers
- Complementary and fully compatible with a strong and valuable products such as Kaspersky (Kaspersky Anti-Virus/Internet Security 2010) for a complete protection system
- Auto-Fill feature for intelligent and automatic completion of online registration forms and environments
- Create a faster and easier for users to use passwords stored in the database password management Kaspersky and use it when needed
- Compatibility with different versions of Windows, including the popular Windows 7

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