How To Extend Trial Period of Demo Version Software


Most peoples are using trial softwares.but they can use it small period.Is software getting expired soon, there is no other option other than buying it.
But if you want to save you'r money, you can extend the trial period of software and use the trial period as much as you want.

Here is a trick for you to do that -
Just follow the tutorial and you are done.

But this trick will be fail in some softwares.

Now suppose that you are using a software naming X. Now just follow the steps -

  1. Firstly Go to RUN
  2. Type regedit there
  3. Now expand HKEY_CURRENT_USER
  4. Now go to Software
  5. Now select the software name which you want to extend
  6. Now delete the folder there.
  7. Now again start RUN
  8. Now type %temp%
  9. Delete all the files there
  10. Restart the PC and reinstall the software.
  11. You are done.
  12. Enjoy the software with extended trial period. 
  13. Now next time when it will expire again follow this steps again.