PGWare PCBoost v4.1 + KeyGEN

PCBoost software tool in order to optimize the system's main processor or CPU all the commands in the functioning of the system are presented. When the brain does the system work better will certainly other sectors and that is why you can optimize and free up the brain systems to function and increase efficiency of a system of largely said.
PCBoost will do the best possible time for this task, this means optimizing the various parts of the operating system and perform a series of activities related to system CPU speed will increase noticeably. With this tool will optimize the way things are done automatically by the software itself and the user need only perform one-click optimization to games and applications that are constantly engaged in the CPU a little space systems of the brain freer the better they can decide.

Features software PGWare PCBoost:
- Optimization, games and applications that occupy a large space of the processor.
- Running secretly in the system to optimize the minute
- Automatic processor type things
- Test CPU Benchmark to view it
- View detailed information about processor
- Display the minute amount of CPU usage
- Add the heavy software to blacklist
- Adjustable manually to optimize
- Compatible with different versions of Windows, including the popular Windows 7

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