Add Mac-Like Dock To Windows 7 Taskbar-StandaloneStack Download

Windows 7 users can now add Mac style Dock setting using StandaloneStack.Standalone Stack is a freeware that can launch any folder in Mac-style popup icon stacks that appear when you click on a shortcut and fade out when you move or click away. Supports two styles of icons: “grid” and “fan”.

 Always try to make your Windows as unique as possible. This will create a pleasant working environment. ;) Note that this program is based on “Stacks Docklet“, which is an add-on developed for Mac-Style Windows’ docking launchers such as “RocketDock“, “RK Launcher“, and Y’s Dock, but has been adapted to work from the desktop environment using simple shortcuts.

1. StandaloneStack is a portable application and no installation is needed. You can just run the .exe and in option window.

StandaloneStack Option Settings
 2. Now one can create a new stack. As I have shown screenshot below,

StandaloneStack New Stack Creation
 3. Once you given stack name and set path. Then click create stack. A shortcut will be created as shown below,

 4. Just Pin this shortcut on Windows 7 taskbar.