Avira Antivirus Premium 2012

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This time I will share about antivirus., Avira is an antivirus product that is strong and able to monitor activities, scheduling, automated module to update (update) via the internet. Avira is also an antivirus signature database is quite large. Can detect potentially harmful applications in your software. Also in this version of the Avira antivirus products also have fitru standard that provides a means to check the traffic and emails to protect against spyware are scattered on the Internet.

Key Features:
     * Protection from viruses, worms and Trojans
     * Protection against spyware / adware
     * Extra protection against email viruses (POP3)
     * Protection from Phishing
     * Monitoring in real time
     * Preventing download malicious files from the infected sites
     * Scanning for viruses with a boot disk
     * Checking the data downloaded from the Internet

Premium Options:
     * Built-detection system Espionage and advertising programs
     * Additional protection for email traffic (POP3)
     * Special dedicated file server for fast uploads data
     * User-definable intervals updates
     * The ability to check the selected directories

Password : softmediafire