Connect xBox 360 Live through Laptop or PC

Most of us would wish to connect our Xbox Live 360 with our computers or Laptops. The process is very simple. Follow these steps to connect your xbox live through your PC or laptop. Works with Windows 7.

Steps to connect Xbox live through your PC

1) Keep your Xbox live completely Off.
2) Place your Wifi enabled Laptop or PC close to your xbox 360 and connect Ethernet cable.
3) Switch On your PC or Laptop but not your Xbox Live.
4) Click on Start > Control Panel > Select ” Network and Sharing Center” > Click on ” Manage network connections”
5) Choose Both the LAN and Wireless icon using the Ctrl Key and right click on one icon.
6) Click on Bridge Connection option.
7) Check for the icon status on task bar, You should be now connected to wireless network and LAN network.
8} Switch On your XBOX Live 360 and sign into Xbox live. This should happen automatically else – select network settings from settings option. Click on Test Xbox Live option and you will be able to log in.