How to install windows 7 from USB drive

All computer users who have not updated your Operating systems to windows 7 can now update your systems using USB drive and without using any CD or DVD. This would be really helpful for all those netbook users who does not have a cd drive on their devices and who wish to update to windows 7. Microsoft has released a new tool which is available for free download which will help us to install windows 7 on our systems using an external USB flash drive. All  you need is a windows XP system running the SP2 or windows vista and a 4 GB USB drive. The tool is compatible with both 32 and 64 bit PC.

Steps to Install Windows 7 using a USB Drive

1) Download Windows 7 to your PC or Laptop. This will be in the ISO format.
2)Download this Microsoft USB Tool and install it on to your computer.
3) Run the USB application and choose ISO file from its location.
4) Choose the 32 bit 64 bit option accordingly and click next.
5) Now Select the USB device option since you are not installing it using the DVD drive.
6) Choose the removable drive to which you install. Make sure you have enough space on your USB drive.
7) Once you have selected the removable USB drive, the bootable USB device is generated.
8} Its done – Your bootable USB drive is now created and now you can use this removable drive to install windows 7 on to your netbook or laptop.
Simply plug in the USB drive and and select USB boot option from the BIOS and restart the system. You will be automatically guided through the windows 7 installation process.