Make Windows 7 Interface look Like Windows 8

Microsoft soon to be release the Beta version of their newly windows 8, and released the Developer Preview of windows 8 to the late year. If Still you are not install the windows 8 developer preview and you are not so techie guy to install windows on-self but wanna to love the windows 8 interface and also make your system look like as Windows 8 then don’t worry use win lock pro v.2 for all your need.

This tool is created by the BlueZap Industries. Win lock Pro v.2 is a free tool for windows 7 and used to convert the interface of your windows 7 to look like a windows 8. The Win Lock Pro can easily change your windows screen and computer login program to the windows 8 login and screen lock system.
To use this tool first download it from here and install it like a normal software and then Run Win Lock PRO as an ADMINISTRATOR and then Setup your name and Password via settings (Bottom right button).