Some Important Tips to Setup a New Windows

When we format our computer, the unnecessary files and software are gone. But we most of the time install unnecessary software which make our computer slow. So we must be needed keep our computer fresh and clean.

Today I will tell some important tips about this object:

1. Operating System:

Most of the people buy modified Windows CD/DVD. This CD/DVD is not perfect for you computer because it uses modified theme and some old version Software. If you install this CD/DVD, Your computer will be slow.

So when you set up your computer, you must try to use original Windows CD/DVD. You also use lasted version of Windows CD/DVD like Windows XP Service Pack 3.

2. Browser:

If you want to use Internet, Browser is most important. Some browsers are slow like Internet Explorer and some browsers are very fast like Mozilla Firefox, Opera etc. So I preffer to use Mozilla Firefox. It is safe and you can use a lots of add on.

3. WinZip / WinRAR:

If you use Winzip, you can not open rar file and can not make a rar. By using it you can open zip file and make zil file but it is slow process. If you use WinRAR, you can make RAR and ZIP file and also open those file. So you must use WinRAR in your computer. You can also use 7-zipe.

4. Some Important Software:

When you setup your computer, you must need some software like Adobe flash player, adobe shockwave, java directX. With out these software you can not enjoy properly with your computer.


Adobe flash player (Internet Explorer)

Adobe flash player (Mozilla Firefox)

Adobe shockwave



5. Clean Your PC:

You must clean your computer to get proper performance. You can use some registry software like CCleaner, Revo Uninstaller, Auslogics Disk Defrag, Smart Defrag.



Revo Uninstaller

Auslogics Disk Defrag

Smart Defrag

6. Grow Your Internet Speed:

None can grow your Internet speed with out ISP. But you Internet speed will use unnecessary purpose. If you are not an owner of Windows XP or Windows Vista, close your CTN. Otherwise Windows XP or Windows Vista takes automatic update. As a result your Internet Speed may be slow. If you did not close CTN, after few days the Message will be shown “You may be victim of software counterfeiting. This copy of Windows is not genuine.”

Then you install this software and solve the problem.

7. Avoid Some Unnecessary Software:

Power DVD, WinDVD is so heavy software. It makes your computer slow. So use VLC Player or KMP Player.

Adobe PDF Reader also makes your computer slow. So you can use Foxit PDF Reader instates of Adobe PDF Reader.

ACDSee is slow software. So you can use IrfanView instates of it.


VLC Player 

KMP Player 

Foxit PDF Reader 


8. Use Proper Antivirus:

Free Antivirus is 100% secure. So you try to use licensed Antivirus. If you want to use free antivirus I recommended using Avast or Avira.

9. After Doing the Above Your Computer still Slow:

After following these Tips your computer still slow? Just follow the steps:

Go to run and write msconfig and click enter button. Now unmarked the programs which you do not want to open in start time. Click ok button.

10. At last:

Reduce your Desktop Icon and collect them in folder. Do not install software in C drive. Never download unknown software because it may be containing virus.