Speed Up Windows 7 Internet

make your windows run faster

The internet is a very useful tool which can be used for work, entertainment and shopping. If you want to use the internet on windows 7 then you might experience speed problems. If the internet is slow then there are a number of different things that you can do to speed your computers internet connection up.

Why is it Slow?
... In order to fix windows 7 slow internet problems you will first need to try and discover what the problem is. The different causes of the problems have different solutions to fix it. You will need to learn how to get the most out of your internet connection.

Connection Type
There are a number of different types of connection which you can use on the internet. The type of connection you use will impact the speed that you experience on your computer. Many providers are starting to offer fiber optic connections which are much quicker than the regular DSL connections. Dial up connections are much slower than normal. If this is the problem then you will need to upgrade your connection.

Another serious issue which can affect the speed of the internet on your computer is because of spyware problems. Spyware is a serious type of infection which can put your identity at risk. This uses a lot of your computers resources including hard drive space, memory and internet connection.
Spyware is a major problem which needs to be dealt with. Spyware is similar to a computer virus but it is designed to try and collect your personal information. This spyware can put your identity at risk of being copied by other people. This makes it essential that you search and remove spyware threats from your computer.

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Spyware consumes a large amount of bandwidth which can slow your computers internet connection down a lot. To improve the speed of your internet you need to use an antispyware application to remove spyware threats from your computer.

Another reason internet connections can be slow is because of a virus infection. If viruses infect your computer then they can consume your internet bandwidth. This will also duplicate itself through your email account.

Browser Add-ons
There are many browser add-ons which are designed as an easy way of improving your site better. However, many of these can actually slow your computer down. Remove the browser add-ons through the control panel to make your computer faster.