Windows Xp Advanced Multiboot 32 in 1 March 2012

Windows xp advanced multiboot 32 in 1 march 2012

This is 32 disks in 1. It will fit on a single DVD due to packing with a special app. Duplicate files are written only once so it will all fit easily. If you need a genuine key, you will need to buy it from Micro$oft.

This is the work of many dedicated souls. The one who put their work all together in this form is called SATHANAS. He was once a member here, but was banned for some reason or other and refuses to return. I agreed to post this for him because I used it and it is totally awesome. If you are a PC tech, you want this. Sathanas asked me to add here that if you have something negative to say about this, other than a bug you found or some legitimate issue, go find something else to do with your time. Nobody cares if you think XP sucks or is worthless. If you don't want this, fine. Don't download it. Move along now

Mediafire Pass : mediafire-software4u

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