Facebook Photos Slideshow Generator : FB Widget

All of you have uploaded your favorite photos to facebook. All of the photos on facebooks needs to be viewed individually. This is a problem and consumes a lot of time in refreshing the page. Now, there’s a solution to this. Microsoft Fuse Labs has introduced a tool that can generate a PowerPoint slideshow presentation of all you facebook photos. To get this tool, all you need is to visit this website and login with your fb username and password.
Once you are logged in, select all the pictures of which you need to create a slide show. Once your selection is over, simply click on the create button and wait for the side show to generate. Once all your photos are rendered, the tool will show you a preview of the slides. This slideshow can be downloaded and opened using your powerpioint viewer on your PC. You can even edit these slides using the Microsoft PowerPoint app and share it with your social friends.