Add / Import Outlook Contacts to Skype Contacts

Skype is on a Go. It has been revolutionizing the voice calls made over the internet. With the release of the latest skype version 5, it has even took a step further to import social contacts from twitter and Facebook so that you can call your facebook and twitter friends too. Outlook by Microsoft on the other hand has been grooming up their application better and better. Well, things just got better – Skype can now integrate all your Microsoft Outlook contacts with the existing skype contacts and allow you to call your Outlook contact using Skype.

How to Import Outlook Contacts to Skype

1) Run Skype : Go to Start > Programs > Skype
2) Find Contact link on top of Skype and Click it
3) From the Drop Down Menu Select “import Contacts
4) Again : Go to Start > Select Outlook or Desired Address Book
5) Click Next button and Check the option which Pop up > Click Yes
6) Go to the Skype Application and Click Next
7) Choose “Select All” button to import all outlook Contacts
8} Click Next button and Finish. Its Done.