Hey friends, as you all know Wikipedia is the biggest information provider on the internet at present. You can find every single definition on wikipedia along with detailed explaination. Today we are going to discuss that how you can access the wikipedia Offline i.e, while not on internet, you can still find information on wikipedia.

Just follow the easy steps to get that working:

    Download WikiTaxi  from this link, you will find this as 7-zip archive.(Use 7-zip to open this.)
    Extract the archive and you will find the files as below:
Run wiki taxi and you will find a screen like this:.

 Now, you need to download a package (Dump, as they say it), the package start from 25 MB and goes upto 3.5 GB. You just can download Simple English (it would do your task)
    After downloading, open Wikitaxi Importer and you will see something like this:

In XML dump file dialog, click browse and select the file you downloaded, browse for location of Wikitaxi folder and hit Import Now! It dows it for aruond 5 Minutes and you are done to use it offline.