Visual Basic 6

Visual Basic is a programming language and integrated development environment (IDE). It derives from the much older BASIC programming language, and so is considered a useful and relatively easy programming language for the beginner to learn. Visual Basic (VB) is now integrated into many different software applications and also web applications. Visual Basic 6.0 was the final edition of Visual Basic, but was followed by Visual Basic .NET.

Features of Visual Basic 6.0

  • Visual Basic was developed to be easy to learn, with a quick learning curve and a diverse scope of possibilities. Using the Visual Basic software, you can either hard-code or use the developer software to assist you throughout. It's also used to create ActiveX controls (for web usage and other controls), .dll file extensions or executables for standalone operation.

Other Language Implementation

  • Software such as Microsoft Excel, as well as other Microsoft Office components, integrates a form of Visual Basic with Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). VBA allows users to automate commands, processes and functions with VBA macros. Macros can be recorded and used within Microsoft Office, and edited in detail with VBA. VBScript and Visual Basic .NET also derive from Visual Basic.
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